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Software The Panorama Factory 4.5

What's new in V4.5?

V4.5 introduces the Clone the stitched image for HDR command, whose function is to support workflow for creating high dynamic range (HDR) panoramic images. Note that The Panorama Factory provides the capability of creating identically stitched images for HDR, but does not include commands for the HDR transform and tone mapping. You must perform these steps with a separate software application designed for that purpose.

This new command was added late in the V4.5 development cycle. There was insufficient time to translate the command and its associated messages into the languages supplied with The Panorama Factory. The command and messages will be displayed in English.

Two new sections, “Making your panoramas rotate automatically” and “Controlling the initial viewpoint of your panorama” were added to help Chapter 7, “Making a virtual tour”. Although these capabilities have been available since V4.0, they were not adequately documented before.

Errors were corrected in the online help for the Hotspot properties dialog box.

A Catalan language translation was added.

The following trouble reports are corrected in V4.5:
TR 560 Duplicating a stitched image fails with more than one thread
TR 634 Project properties and Profile organizer dialog boxes fail on Linux (under Wine)
TR 659 PTViewer panoramas do not preview properly with Internet Explorer
TR 663 Panoramic properties dialog box should require non-blank value for HFOV
TR 681 QuickTime export fails when the file or folder name contains extended characters
TR 682 White speckles on images with 16 bits per color channel
TR 683 Saw tooth edge on overlap region for stitched images that go more than 90 degrees above or below the horizon
TR 685 Shimmering (aliasing) when you rotate a QTVR image
TR 686 Hotspots that are only used as bookmarks may interfere with hyperlink hotspots
TR 687 Help for the Hotspot properties dialog box is incorrect
TR 688 QTVR images sometimes appear grainy or posterized
TR 691 Sometimes exported images are sharpened even if you have turned off sharpening

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