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Software CyberLink PowerDirector v6.00.1731b Deluxe + Bonus Pack + Rus

CyberLink PowerDirector – невероятное средство видео редактирования для Веб и DVD. PowerDirector обеспечивает пользователя невероятным количеством опций для размещения видео на всеобщий просмотр. Можно создать файлы для проигрывания на Apple iPod или Sony PSP, или же на любом переносном медиа-устройстве. Готовую работу можно публиковать напрямую через YouTube.com, самый популярный видео-блог в мире, не теряя стильных меню интерфейса.

С помощью CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe Вы сможете:
• Размещать ваше домашнее видео напрямую в блоги.
• Создавать видео файлы для проигрывания на iPod или PSP.
• Моментальное редактирование видео с помощью специальных механизмов экономии времени.
• Записывать на DVD вместе со стильными шаблонами-меню.
• Дополнительные эффекты оформления.

Free the director within using new tools and templates:
• DVD Template Designer - 29 new designs, moveable buttons, text and color tools let you create stylish menus for your movie DVDs. Learn how.
• Slideshow Wizard - New styles for presenting photos let you turn a folder of image files into a dynamic slideshow in minutes. See how it's done...
• Animated PiP Designer - New alpha-blended objects and a motion path generator create dramatic PiP effects to enhance your video content. See how...
• Video Subtitle Room - Easily inserted directly on the screen or imported as text, new video subtitles offer an easy way to caption scenes and describe video content.

Edit videos automatically, fix images and audio:
• Magic Movie Wizard - Great for beginners, convenient for experts, the automated step-by-step approach quickly guides you through movie production. See the Magic Movie Wizard in action....
• Improved Magic Style - New animation elements and refreshed themes let you automatically edit your movie, add effects, and insert a title and credits using a handy timeline. Add or remove any part of the timeline after creating it. See the Magic Movie Wizard in action....
• Improved Magic Fix - Enhanced precision ensures that shaky videos are stabilized with greater accuracy, photos are sharpened.
• Improved Magic Clean - New back light correction and white balance improve hard-to-fix mistakes often caused by poor lighting conditions.

Personalize videos with humor and style:
• Cool transitions and effects - Huge library of transitions and effects turns video clips and photos into an alluring storyline.
• Dialog Balloons - Drag-and-drop templates let you add unspoken thoughts and highlight sections of conversation for humorous results.
• Title templates - Multiple layers, animated text, and a choice of font and color, create professional opening titles, stylish chapter names, and closing credits.
• Audio track for PiPs - Heighten the impact of moving PiP objects with accompanying sounds.

Publish videos online or take them on the go:
• Publish directly to YouTube - Get seen by millions of viewers by outputting your file directly to YouTube.
• Store files online via Media Max powered by Streamload.com - 25 MB of free online storage provides access to your files via the internet.
• Write back to HDV tape - Storage on your HDV tape lets you use your camcorder as your playback device.
• Burn to DVD - Built-in disc authoring creates DVDs for playback on a home player or PC.
• Output as a file for iPod or PSP - Produce movies that you can watch everywhere.

The new major features of CyberLink PowerDirector 6.0 include:
1.Revolutionary Portable MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Format for Apple iPod Video®
• CyberLink PowerDirector is now equipped with the newly developed CyberLink H.264 codec. Now you can export your movie creation in MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) for Apple iPod Video®.
2.Revolutionary Portable MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Format for Sony PSP®
• CyberLink PowerDirector is now equipped with the newly developed CyberLink H.264 codec. Now you can export your movie creation in MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) to be stored on the MemoryStick and playback on Sony PSP®.
3.Direct YouTube® output and upload support
• Automatically select the best output profile for YouTube®
• CyberLink PowerDirector is the first YouTube® uploading application in the world for video bloggers to capture, edit, produce and upload videos to share with others.
4.Design your own DVD templates
• Users can use the template designer to fine-tune the existing templates, or create their own ones.
• Provide users a true 16:9 editing/authoring solution.
5.Slideshow Designer
• All new innovative way to create picture slideshows.
• Ability to design each page with multiple pictures on one slide.
6.Enhanced PiP Designer
• Provides complete control for customizing the path of a PiP object as it moves across the video.
7.New Magic Style
• New flash animation elements like particle effects, alpha-masked PiP and ending video to enhance the movie.

OS: Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 (Windows XP Service Pack 2 is required for HDV capture)Size:511MB

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lmgmp-значит не так чета делаешь!!!! 4 4 4
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