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Software Aurora MPEG to DVD Burner v5.2.4

   Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner - программа предназначена для записи MPEG файлов на DVD-R, DVD R, DVD RW, DVD-RW, VCD-R диски, для последущего просмотра на DVD-плеере. Кроме того, программа позволяет создавать структуру DVD диска, меню, с выбором всех настроек (меню, цвет, фон, шрифт и т.д.), копировать DVD или его структуру в ISO образ.
   Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner can burn AVI, MPEG files to a DVD-R, DVD R, DVD RW, DVD-RW disc, so that you can play your movies on DVD player. It is a revolutionary and versatile DVD creator. With this software, you can create a real DVD, not only a MPEG file on your hard disk. With the collaboratively use of Aurora Media Workshop you can convert, join, split any format video files to mpeg and burn to Rewritable DVD disc.

Burn your Mpeg files to DVD using rewritable DVD writers.
Support DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R, DVD RW disc.
Built-in DVD structure creator.
Create menu for DVD movie, and can select various layout, background, text effect.
Video DVD Disc Auto-burner.
Save DVD structure files to ISO image or temporary directory, which can be burned anytime.
(New)support AVI as input, and automaticly convert and burn them to DVD disc.
Video DVD Disc Auto-burner.

Design menu by select various layout, background, and text effect
Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner simplify the operation of creating dvd menu. With easy and simple work, you also create a beautiful menu.
Build in pre-degined menu layout.
Select a picture as background, Set background color.
Use lots of text effect.

Authorize DVD from MPEG, AVI files
Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner has a build in video converter, so it can accecpt various formats of video files, such as mpeg1, mpeg2, avi, divx, xdiv, as source files, you do not find any other software for conversion, we do it all.
Support all kinds of mpeg1, mpeg2, with no limitation of bitrate, resolution, fps.
Support avi files,divx,xdiv as source file, the output is an excellent dvd disc.
Time ruler shows the target movie length, which will advise you not to exceed the 4.7g dvd disc capacity.
Powerful DVD Writer engine
Build in write disc engine , all the work just one click , then you can do anything else.
Buffer protection feature during write will prevent damange to disc.

Размер: 9.34 MB
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