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Software Ashampoo PowerUp v3.10

Ashampoo PowerUp - это неплохая утилита для настройки и изменения множества скрытых параметров Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
В Ashampoo PowerUp присутствует возможность изменения настроек таких популярных приложений, как Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office и др. Ashampoo PowerUp вносит определенные изменения в системный реестр и системные файлы, за счет чего изменяются некоторые, порой весьма важные, параметры операционной системы.
Сделана Ashampoo PowerUp с учетом последних веяний моды - красивый и интуитивно понятный интерфейс, умеет создавать профили, чтобы при необходимости можно было изменить все заранее настроенные параметры одним кликом, есть диалоговая помощь; кроме этого, Ashampoo PowerUp умеет изменять параметры не только операционной системы, но и таких популярных приложений, как Internet Explorer, Outlook Express и MS Office.

New Features
• Fully compatible with Windows Vista™
• Profile Assistant: Helps you to customize your system by modifying existing profiles
• Profile Manager: Create, delete, modify and export your own configuration profiles that you can use to change all your system settings in seconds
• Ready-to-use profiles: A set of professionally tuned profiles for super-fast optimization of your system
• Profile export: Save profiles on external media and apply them independently
• QuickStart Bar: Direct access to tweaks and settings for fast customization of your system
• Automatic System Scan: Adjusts the presentation of all options to match your individual system requirements
• Risk Level Monitor: Warns you about potentially risky settings
• Rescue Center: Records all configuration changes you make and enables you to return to your original settings at any time
• Processes: A management console provides detailed information on active processes and enables you to kill them if necessary
• Services: Recommendations and configuration options for many Windows® services – improve performance by disabling unnecessary services
• Benchmarking: Check your system performance with a detailed analysis and report
• Profile Manager: Helps you to optimize system performance and behavior
• System Diagnostics: Generates a detailed report on your computer’s components
• Icon Manager: Saves the layout of the icons on your desktop so that you can restore it if it gets “messed up”
• Skins: Three new skins to change the appearance and style of the program
• Improved setting help: Context-sensitive pop-up descriptions of all settings provide all the information you need on every option
• Improved Windows® optimization: For all system areas in Windows® 2000, XP and Windows Vista™
• Many new settings: A wealth of new options for customizing and the Windows® user interface and enhancing performance
• Online Update: Add new tuning options and solve issues and problems quickly

Existing Features and Improvements
• System Information: Analyses your hardware and software and displays a detailed report
• Autostart: Configuration options for how Windows® starts
• Windows® tuning: Direct access to hundreds of Windows® settings and configuration options with detailed information – many new options
• Configuration profiles: Save your own Windows® configurations as “profiles” that you can load to reconfigure your entire system in seconds
• Hidden Windows® options: Access many “secret” Windows® settings that are normally difficult or impossible to change
• MS Office®: Configure hard-to-find Office settings quickly and easily (incl. support for the latest Office versions)
• MS Outlook®: Configure permitted mail attachments for Microsoft Outlook® (incl. support for the latest Outlook versions)
• Privacy: View, understand and configure Windows® functions and settings that can be critical for protecting your privacy
• Hard disk acceleration: Display and adjust settings that control the performance of your hard disks
• Registry clean-up: Quickly identify and eliminate old or invalid entries that are clogging up your Windows® Registry database
• Wipe files: Delete sensitive files permanently so that even data recovery labs can never access their contents
• IP spam blocker: Disable the Windows® messaging service that spammers often use to display annoying advertising on your desktop
• Tuning Assistant: Comprehensive and safe system tune-up with just a few clicks, with automatic backups as a safety net
• AntiSpy Assistant: Prevents unauthorized access to your personal data in Windows® and Windows Vista™
• Uninstall Windows® components: Get rid of faulty Windows® components which cannot be uninstalled through the usual way anymore
• Language Editor: Edit or translate all texts and menus displayed in the program

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12 мая 2008 12:49 Ryno написал :
вносит определенные изменения в системный реестр и системные файлы
после такого система долго не проживет.
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