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Игры Portable DreamStripper 1.5 German

Portable DreamStripper 1.5 German

Выбираем девушку, облачаем её в одежду на свой вкус, включаем музыку и.. смотрим, как она танцует стриптиз. Для начала вам придется тренировать, выбраную модель танцу, прикупать ей различные шмотки, что еще более укращает девушку. Графика в игре стоит на хорошем уровне, поймайте ощущения, как от 3D SEX VILLA.

For less than the cost of a Lap Dance you can Own DreamStripper Professional, The Erotic Adult 3D Sexy Game, or DreamStripper: a sexually charged Adult 3D Sexy Screen Saver where you can watch the hottest most Beautiful 3D virtual woman / babe ever strip nude in your own personal fantasy, hottest 3D Virtual Strip club.

After unpak 83,7 MB | После распаковки 83.7 Мб
Your own personal stripper on your own computer! You decide her dance moves, what she wears, even the music! Have her writhe or spin just when you want as she dances or create an erotic and exotic dance just that is just what you desire.
There are no monthly fees associated with dreamstripper. Just purchase the game and she dances for you forever.
Dream Stripper is the most exciting interactive dance and software game to hit the electronic entertainment industry. The erotic, life-like model was drawn by one of Hollywood best graphic artists and was 3-D rendered by a highly professional development team.
The very same motion-capture technology in animated films was used to capture the sensuous movement of live exotic dancers. This is no ordinary adult animation game, screen saver or dance program. It is the most realistic and arousing software and fun game youve ever enjoyed.
You can find out more about the technology used to create this amazing software on the the Product Information menu above.

Homepage: http://www.dreamstripper.com/

Размер: 41.63 Мб (Лекарство не требуется)

Rating: 4.1 (58 votes cast)

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