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Software Serv-U


Serv-U - это наиболее популярный FTP-сервер. удобный в использовании, но с привлекательной стоимостью, Serv-U превращает любой подключенный к Интернету компьютер в FTP-сервер. который поддерживает множество функций: разграничение прав доступа, поддержка одновременной работы нескольких пользователей, ограничение дискового пространства, докачка файлов и т.д. Простота навигации в сочетании с самыми мощными инструментальными средствами, необходимыми для FTP-сервера, позволят Вам контролировать Ваш FTP-сервер 365 дней в году без простоев и падений.

- Easy to set up and use.
- A Windows standard, with over 50000 registered users!
- Support for Secure-FTP through SSL/TLS.
- Support for ODBC databases for accounts.
- Lots of security through passwords, read/write/append/modify rights per directory or file for each user (including Anonymous), and access restrictions based on IP address.
- Fast and rock solid!
- Multiple 'virtual' FTP servers can be set up on a single instance of Serv-U.
- Server can be administered remotely.
- Supports S/KEY one-time passwords.
- Support for temporary accounts that are automatically deleted upon expiration.
- Support for UL/DL ratios, disk quota limitations, network bandwidth limiting, and automatic anti-anti-time-out plus anti-hammering measures.
- Full UNC path support.
- Support for virtual paths. Directories or drives can be mapped to any location in a user's directory structure.
- Support for 'links' such as those used in UNIX.
- Full support for all 'ls' directory listing options.
- Support for messages to users, or from users to the server.
- Users can be put into groups for easy maintenance of large numbers.
- A complete implementation of the FTP standard in RFC959, RFC1123, RFC1760, RFC2228, RFC2246, RFC2289, RFC2389 and the Secure-FTP draft.
- Supports resuming of file uploads and downloads.
- Configurable messages for sign-on, sign-off, login, and directory changes.
- Has time-out and time-limit features, so connections are automatically
cleared when idle, hung, or connected too long.
- Easy to setup and maintain through a separate administrator program. For automated maintenance the settings are stored in either an .INI file, registry, or ODBC database of simple format.
- Has an open architecture which makes monitoring, changing and extending the server behavior possible through external DLLs.
- Logs all transactions to file and screen that can be read by other applications. Includes unique session IDs, time, and date stamps.

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Daddy Snake,
Какой ты злой, не понимаеш, что не все умеют писать.

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