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Software mIRC 6.33

mIRC 6.33

mIRC - условно-бесплатное клиентское приложение под Windows, написанноое Калед Мардам-Бей (Khaled Mardam-Bey). mIRC - это IRC-клиент с дружественным интерфейсом, хорошо оснащенный различными настройками и инструментами. IRC (Internet Relay Chat - Интернет-чат в реальном времени) является виртуальным местом встречи, где люди со всего мира могут встречаться и разговаривать друг с другом, вводя текст сообщений с клавиатуры. Как пользователь, вы запускаете mIRC - небольшую программу, которая соединяется с сервером в IRC-сети. Все сервера соединены между собой и пропускают сообщения от пользователя к пользователю через IRC-сеть. Вы сможете принимать участие в дискуссиях на одном из тысяч IRC-каналов (комнат) в одной из сотен IRC-сетей, или разговаривать наедине с семьей или друзьями, в какой бы части света они ни находились. На IRC Вы найдете море людей, связанных общими интересами, идеями, проблемами.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk; you'll find the whole diversity of human interests, ideas, and issues here, and you'll be able to participate in group discussions on one of the many thousands of IRC channels, on hundreds of IRC networks, or just talk in private to family or friends, wherever they are in the world.

mIRC is a highly configurable IRC client with all the goodies other clients on UNIX, Macintosh and even Windows, combined with a nice and clean user interface. mIRC offers full color text lines, DCC File Send and Get capabilities, programmable aliases, a remote commands and events handler, place sensitive popup menu's, Switchbar, World Wide Web and sound support, and more.

18/07/2008 - mIRC v6.33
1.Fixed $istok() not returning error if too many parameters supplied.
2.Fixed /scon returning wrong error message.
3.Fixed window positions not being saved correctly for certain types
of windows.
4.Fixed tab completion issue with long text/identifier values.
5.Fixed Channel Central dialog excepts/invites bug, now looks for +eI
modes in the CHANMODES token as well as EXCEPTS and INVEX tokens.
6.Fixed reload logs feature displaying session information twice on
reloading a log file.
7.Fixed $calc() returning +/-0 in some situations.
8.Improved handling of hotlinks enclosed in brackets.
9.Fixed server ports bug when using toolbar connect button.
10.Fixed color display bug in tips title/message text.
11.Fixed text display bug due to incorrect text width measurement with
some fonts/characters, now using new method to measure text width.
12.Changed $window().sbstate/tbstate to return button status even if
the corresponding bar is hidden.
13.Fixed $hfind/$regml regex bug.
14.Fixed channels list window focus bug when getting list.
15.Fixed script editor editbox warning to take account of long wrapped
16.Fixed window focusing bug in certain situations.
17.Fixed /toolbar load/save bug with @window parameters.
18.Fixed /did -d CRLF bug.
19.Fixed picture @window popup menu bug under Vista.
20.Added support for the transfer of files larger than four gigabytes.
This required the following extension to the DCC transfer protocol:
If mIRC sees that it is sending or receiving a file with a size
larger than a 32bit value, it sends and expects to receive 64bit
acks. In all other respects, the protocol is unchanged. Note that
all previous versions of mIRC are unable to either send or receive
such large files.
21.Changed file transfer CPS calculation method, now reflects the real
average CPS over the last few seconds.
22.Improved the way the "Total Max Cps" feature throttles transfer
23.Increased the maximum allowed DCC Send packet size. This may or may
not improve speed depending on your connection type.
24.Fixed DCC Send/Get bug where files of zero bytes in size could not
be transfered.
25.Changed DCC Send so that it now always sends packets ahead of acks.
This means that even if it receives no acks at all, mIRC will still
transfer the file. If "Fast Send" is enabled, mIRC will attempt to
send packets as fast as it can.
26.Fixed regex identifiers hiding output of called identifiers by
default - they now require . prefix in calling alias.
27.Fixed /server switches not being remembered on an automatic retry
connection attempt after a disconnection.
28.Fixed server connection not remembering SSL status if you disconnect
and then reconnect to a server.
29.Fixed switchbar display button-sorting bug.
30.Added $window().tbtext for window treebar text.
31.Added /editbox -vqN switches, where -v prevents the editbox contents
from being changed and -qN enables/disables/toggles second editbox.
32.Added /var -g switch, sets global variable values.
33.Added $timer().pause property.
34.Added $input() 'm' switch which allows you to include multiple "text"
parameters and to display them in a combobox. The first text item is
the default item, the rest are the items in the list.
35.Fixed /log on command bug not using logs folder.
36.Optimized text mark/copy routine.
37.Added Track Urls warning when feature is enabled via system menu.
38.Changed unicode display method slightly - mIRC now preloads the cache
with the default system unicode font and various other unicode fonts
if they are found on your system.
39.Fixed if/while bracket parser bug.
40.Added $chan/query/send/get/chat .idle properties.
41.Added editbox "automatic" lines feature to display/options dialog
that dynamically changes the size of the primary editbox to show
all of your typed text, up to half the size of the window.
42.Extended /window -eN switch where 0 = single, 1 = multi, 2 = auto,
and 3 = default.
43.Changed Control+Home/End key behaviour so that they move the cursor
if you are editing text in a multi-line editbox, otherwise they
scroll the display buffer.
44.Updated to OpenSSL 0.9.8h library.
45.Changed Enter key behaviour in multi/auto editbox so that it sends
a line when pressed in the middle of a line. To insert a line you
can use the Alt+Enter key combination.
46.Changed Status Window editbox to reflect single/multi/auto editbox
47.Fixed SSL certificate caching bug when maximum cache size exceeded.

Сайт: http://www.mirc.com
Размер: 1,65 МБ
Лекарство: имеется

Rating: 4.5 (76 votes cast)

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а че круто... только какая разница между MSN и Icq ??? 6

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