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Фильмы / Видео Radio Soulwax Presents Part Of The Week-End Never Dies (DVDRip) [2008]

Radio Soulwax Presents Part Of The Week-End Never Dies (DVDRip) [2008]

Product Description:
'Part of the Weekend Never Dies' is a documentary into Radio Soulwax, a touring concept that for the past three years has showcased the talents of four Belgians (Soulwax) who temsleves, programmed and promoted, DJ'd and played live each and every night alongside a revolving array of their friends and some of the most exciting acts in modern music, travelling relentlessly to the four corners of the globe under the banner of 'Radio Soulwax'. Recorded over 120 shows with one camera in Europe, Japan, US, Latin America and Australia with acclaimed young director Saam Farahmand. The result is two films; 'Part of the Weekend Never Dies' - a documentary that captures the adulation, debauchery, ebullience, reflection, cynicism, tiredness, despair, delusion, ridiculousness, contradiction, revelation, exhaustion, homesickness of the life of a DJ/Band on the road, which includes 2manyDJ's, Soulwax Nite Versions live footage and also features James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Justice, Busy P, So-Me, Peaches, Kitsuné & Klaxons in behind the scenes footage and interviews. The second is a live film that captures perfectly the blissful & beautiful sonic malevolence of Soulwax's Nite Versions blitzkrieg. Also included in the package is a bonus audio CD.

Armed with a single video camera, director Saam Farahmand set out to capture Radio Soulwax on its mammoth 120-leg international tour--a tour that spanned Europe, Japan, US, Latin America, and Australia. The resulting footage was turned into two films; one a live music film, the other a documentary featuring the likes of 2 Many DJs and the Klaxons, as well as a wealth of behind the scenes footage and interviews.

File Info:
DivX Release: 09/23/2008
DVD Release: 09/08/2008
Video Codec: XViD
Video Format: 2Pass 1279kbit
Audio Codec: MPEG1 AudioLayer3
Audio Format: 134kbits/s MP3
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Frame Size: 640 x 352
Framerate: 25.000
Disks: 699mb 50x15mb
Audio Language: English/French
Subs: English/Dutch/French
Genre: Documentary/Music/...
Runtime: 123min
Uploaded to: rapidshare


Rating: 4.9 (96 votes cast)

22 ноября 2008 mega 5

Комментариев: 5

23 ноября 2008 01:05 apacalipssis написал :
ne ploxa
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23 ноября 2008 19:30 Forgetme написал :
Что это?

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23 ноября 2008 21:24 apacalipssis написал :
Что это?


Что это?

Eto pro odnu grupu katorie idut v rasnie strani i dayut konsert. Eta tipa dokumintalniy film!!
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23 ноября 2008 22:21 mega написал :

Vot smotri zdes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3tTGb-PiCw
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24 ноября 2008 17:49 Forgetme написал :
Ессно, спасибо.

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