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Музыка Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War 2 (2009/Soundtrack)

Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War 2 (2009/Soundtrack)

Year: 2009
Genre: Soundtrack Video Game Music
Music by: Doyle W. Donehoo
Format: mp3, 320kbit,44100Hz Stereo
Size: 180 MB

1. There Is Only War (opening title)
2. Angels Of Death (Space Marine Theme)
3. Primarch's Honour
4. No Mercy No Respite
5. March Of The Waaagh! (Ork Theme)
6. Purge The Xeno Scum
7. Forged In Battle
8. Ancient Rites (Eldar Theme)
9. The Green Horde Rises
10. Khaine's Wrath
11. Attack Of The Heretics
12. Xeno Presence (Tyranid Theme)
13. For The Craftworld
14. They Come In Waves And We Push Them Back
15. The Great Devourer
16. To Battle Brothers
17. Hunting The Hive Tyrant
18. The Emperor's Victory
19. Show Me What Passes For Music Among Your Misbegotten Kind (credits roll)
20. Meridian Nights (Noobie's Grim Dark Future Remix)

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