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Software Syntevo SmartSVN Enterprise v6.0.8

Syntevo SmartSVN Enterprise v6.0.8

SmartSVN - многоплатформенный клиент Subversion/SVN.

Главные особенности клиента:
- несколько режимов отображения файлов;
- отображение директорий, содержащих неизмененные файлы;
- фильтрация по состоянию файлов;
- фильтрация по имени файла;
- индивидуальная сортировка файловой таблицы;
- поиск файлов во время набора имени;
- копирование в буфер обмена пути, имени или URL выбранного файла/папки;
- сравнение файлов и обнаружение изменений;
- редактор файлов.

SmartSVN is a graphical SVN client. It combines a mature user interface with the power of SVN (Subversion), providing professional version control for everyone — on Windows.

Why you should use SmartSVN

SmartSVN makes common things easy (e.g. switching to another branch) and complex things possible. Competing SVN clients often are limited to a minor subset of the Subversion features.

SmartSVN supports your mode of practice: either work with a highly optimized user interface or perform tasks directly from within the Windows Explorer.

SmartSVN has everything out of the box — SVN client, file compare, conflict solver and SSH client. No need for external tools.

With SmartSVN's features and stream-lined work-flows you will save time, so licensing costs will pay off quickly.

SmartSVN runs on virtually all major operating systems. No need to learn different tools.

SmartSVN's UI is optimized for SVN
The optimized user interface, is designed to give you the best overview over your project's state:

* most important files (e.g. conflicting, modified, missing files) — even from subdirectories — are shown on top
* you can customize the displayed file information and sort them according to your needs
* even not available files, like deleted ones or those which are new in the repository, can be shown - there is no limitation to locally existing files like with the Windows Explorer
* you can see at one glance which directory contains uncommitted files or which files will be changed by performing an update command

Сайт: www.syntevo.com
ОС: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Интерфейс: English
Размер: 26.1 Mb
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Rating: 4.1 (88 votes cast)

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