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Software InternetSoft Urgent Backup v3.20 RETAiL

InternetSoft Urgent Backup v3.20 RETAiL

Urgent Backup позволяет автоматически по настраиваемому расписанию копировать данные с вашего компьютера на CD/DVD, сетевые диски и удаленные FTP серверы. Программа может создавать резервные копии, как в исходном виде, так и в виде архивного файла с настраиваемым именем файла или директории для копирования. Например, название архива может содержать дату архивации. Для упаковки поддерживается формат ZIP, совместимый с gzip. Встроенный планировщик задач позволит вам настроить порядок проведения архиваций и запустить любое внешнее приложение до и после копирования по расписанию. С помощью Urgent Backup software вы можете создать неограниченное число заданий.

Urgent Backup is an easy-to-use program that allows you to backup your data. The software copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, CD-ROM, DVD, ftp server or across the network. You can set up projects that describe the source location, the destination location, and the frequency at which you want to backup the files.

The best Backup Solution
As you know, now that we have been using personal computers for some time, the value of the information maintained on a hard disk is becoming higher than the cost of the system. This fact is important for business people that work with important documents and reports on their computers, as well as for students doing homework or writing term papers; for journalists writing articles, authors composing their literary works, or programmers developing software. Even for the average user, who does not keep commercially valuable documents and projects on the computer, the value of domestic records – photographs, videos, children’s drawings – is extremely important. It is unlikely any user would be happy if he suddenly lost all the data on his hard drive.

A failure of the operating system, a sudden drop of electricity, destructive activity by computer viruses, deletion or corruption of materials as a result of unsanctioned access to your system. There is also a large number of dangers unconnected to the operation of the equipment and software. Your files might be accidentally deleted by a child interested in running his fingers along the keyboard, while a blown battery can wash the computer with water and cause the system to become worthless. There is a large number of potential dangers, and all these in one second could reduce many days of work to nothing.

So how can you safeguard electronic materials that you keep on your hard drive from various types of unexpected misfortunes?
Do you have valuable data and want to be completely sure it's safe?
Do you want to transfer your data over the Internet automatically, download or upload to your FTP server on schedule?
Do you need your data to be synchronized automatically on several computers?
Do you get tired of archiving your data manually? You have no time to gather files scattered in various folders, drag and drop them into your archiving software and invent comprehensible file names?
If you need software that can do the above and more, and need it to be simple?
One of the best and most effective solutions is a backup copying and data recovery program. Of the wide array of similar products Urgent Backup for Windows is distinguished by its security.

Urgent Backup is very easy to set up and extremely easy to use. You do not have to have any special knowledge or particular skills, you just need to install the program, set up the time schedule for copying the information from your hard disk, and indicate which disk you are using for storing the backup copy. And that’s it! From that point on, you won’t have to be afraid of a computer crash or any other kind of problem. In the event of data loss you will not have any difficulty restoring the lost information, and this can save not only time, but a great deal of money as well!

Urgent Backup can be used to synchronize data between your work and home computers or between computers located in different offices. You always are able to continue any project you are working on remotely from your primary work site.

Secure and effective protection

The wealth of possibilities of Urgent Backup, the convenience of quick setup, the ease of operation and maximum security are what distinguish this program from many similar products.

Here are the problems you can solve with Urgent Backup
Avoid critical data loss with automated backups.
Ease the process of gathering files from various folders by using profiles
Backup to CD and DVD disks. Supports writing to CDR, CDRW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW compatible media
Make exact copies of documents or databases located on other computers in your LAN. For example, you may need to have local copies of some documents created by your colleagues on regular basis.
Synchronize data between your local PC and a database on your web site, between your main and remote offices or remote affiliates.
The ability to back up exclusively opened files like Outlook .PST files
Transfer data over the Internet, logging all the operations.
Schedule time-consuming tasks to effectively use your network bandwidth and processors time.

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