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Software Digital Vision 2009.0 beta.3

Digital Vision 2009.0 beta.3

Digital Vision является главным мировым поставщиком мастеринг-технологий для кино-индустрии, телевизионных компаний и средств пост-продакшн. Работая в тесном контакте с нашими клиентами мы поставляем наборы инструментов для обработки изображений, повышения эффективности рабочего процесса и производительности обработки, которые переопределились с методами удобной работы. Эта технологическая революция уходит своими корнями в 20-летний опыт производства алгоритмов обработки изображений, которые улучшают воспринимаемое качество движущихся изображений и общие впечатления аудитории. Такие продукты, как DVNR стали отраслевыми стандартами и олицетворением представленых функций.

Название: Digital Vision 2009.0 beta.3
Разработчик: Digital Vision
Год выпуска: 2009/11/21
Язык Интерфейса: English
Платформа/ОС: Windows All
Активация|рег код: присутствует (Инструкция и К.Г. в архиве!)
Формат файла: rar
Размер файла: 79,48 Mb

Digital Vision is the world's premier supplier of mastering technology for the motion picture industry, television broadcasters and post-production facilities. Working in close contact with our customers we have delivered image processing tool sets, workflow efficiencies and processing performance that has redefined the way facilities work.
This technological revolution is rooted in 20 years of experience of producing the image processing algorithms that improve the perceived quality of moving pictures and the overall audience experience. Products such as the DVNR have become industry standards and bywords for the functions they perform.

As the industry has transitioned from analogue to digital, from video to data and from linear to non-linear, so have we. In fact, we like to think we have played our part in pushing the industry forward by focusing on the most pressing and demanding issues facing the post production world and ensuring that our solutions can be integrated and deployed into any environment.
Digital convergence has presented many new challenges and an equal number of new opportunities for content creators and producers alike. With our 3rd generation software framework, deployed in hundreds of facilities worldwide, we are well positioned to be your partner for the next 20 years.

Welcome to Digital Vision:
Film Master - The comprehensive colour grading and finishing solution for feature films and commercials, long form television and restoration.
Film Cutter - The solution for ingest, conform, primary colour grading, pan & scan, dailies and editorial work on feature films, commercials and long form television, an ideal assist station for Film Master.
Data Conform - The complete conforming and editing solution for tapeless workflows, the perfect choice for post and VFX houses that do extensive pre-visualisation work.
Nucoda HD - Offers a comprehensive tapeless mastering and grading for broadcast, Blue-ray disc and all high definition applications.
Phoenix - The perfect solution for all your restoration, re-mastering and repurposing needs.
DVNR - The comprehensive, flexible, hardware-based system for telecine and tape-to-tape image enhancement applications.
DVO - Tools to enhance, convert and restore your images using DV’s award winning motion estimation technology.
Turbine - Brings the immense power of the blade server right into the hands of the creative colourist, linked directly to the Film Master render manager.

Home Page: http://digitalvision.se/products/

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Digital Vision 2009.0 beta.3Digital Vision 2009.0 beta.3Digital Vision 2009.0 beta.3

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