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Software Leo 911 Pro v1.9.7 [UB] (For Flash Drives and HD's)

Leo 911 Pro v1.9.7 [UB] (For Flash Drives and HD's)

Leo 911 Pro v1.9.7 [UB] (For Flash Drives and HD’s) – загрузочный диск на базе Mac Os x 10.5.8 (со всеми обновлениями и необходимым софтом) предназначен для загрузки с винтов и флешек.

What is Leo 911 Pro? – An OSX 10.5.8 Universal bootable disk image that can be copied to a 4 GB hard disk or Flash Drive.

- Leo 911 Pro v1.9 is a mere 3.59 gigabytes to try and squeeze onto all 4GB Flash Drives.
- All of the software appears to be fully working and registered.
- This only comes in ENGLISH but if you copied this disk image to an large enough drive you can use the 10.5.8 combo updater to add additional languages and pick your own.

System Requirements:
Mac with a G4 PowerPC processor right upto the newest Intel Mac’s, yes, even the new 2009 models including some future Xserve models!
Minimum memory can range from 256 MB’s right upto to anything your baby can handle
10.5 OSX is not usable on any Mac models below the G4 line, so no point in even trying this on a G3 or below.

Apple software available :
Activity Monitor , Archive Utility , Bluetooth File Exchange , Console , DiskImageMounter , Disk Utility , Firmware Password Utility , Installer , Kerberos , Java , Preview , QuickTime Player , RAID Utility , Reset Password , Safari , Script Editor , System Preferences , System Profiler , Terminal , TextEdit , Plus many more OSX components

3rd Party Applications (Non-Apple Stuff)
A Better Finder Rename 8.45 • AppleXsoft File Recovery • BatChmod 1.5 • Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3 • Cocktail 4.5 • CopyCatX 4.0 • Data Rescue 3.0.1 • DiskStudio 1.6.2 • DiskWarrior 4.2 • Drive Genius 2.2.1 • DropDMG 2.8.6 • EasyFind 4.5 • File Buddy 9.01 • File Juicer 4.19 • FileSalvage 7.0 • HexEdit 2.0.0 • Hide and Seek • iDefrag 1.7.2 • iPartition 3.2.0 • Little Snitch 2.0.4 (Last known version to work under the root user account) • MacPilot 3.5 • memtest 4.2.2 • OfficeSalvage 6.1.7 • Pacifist 2.6.3 • Path Finder 5.2.2 • PCalc 3.5.1 • PiXel Check 1.2 • PopChar 4.3 • Rember 0.35b (GUI memtest 4.2.2) • SMART Utility 2.1.2 • SpeedTools Utilities 2.8.1 (Hi-Cap support installed) • Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 4.0 • StellarPhoenix Photo Recovery 3.2 • TechTool Pro 4.6.2 • TechTool Pro 5.0.6 • Temperature Monitor 4.5 • TinkerTool System 1.87 • Touvaly 1.2.0 • VolumeWorks 1.5 • Xslimmer 1.7.6
Leo 911 Pro and its contents are meant as an advanced diagnostic tool , please do some research on the included tools you want to use because you can destroy your data or drive.
Leo 911 Pro is NOT meant to be used as your daily OSX.

Instructions Briefly
More info and instructions available on the Leo 911 disk image, just mount it and double click the ” About Leo 911″ alias in the main folder.
You CANNOT hurt the disk image by mounting it, it is locked, and how do you think I can make it without mounting it.
Copy it to any read / write medium with Carbon Copy Cloner 3

The volume (partition) should be formatted as Apple Mac Partition and partitioned as HFS+ Extended non-journaled to make it Universal for both PowerPC and Intel Mac’s.

You will need BetterZip (use MacHacha or Split & Concat or Ajoiner if your asked for a password with BetterZip) to rejoin the 16 segments into one file (In Windows use Total Commander). There is NO password ! Links are inter-changable

Автор сборки TOBW
Язык только Английский , но вы можете добавить нужный языковой пакет самостоятельно.

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