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Software Ainsoft Blu-ray Copy v2.0.0

Ainsoft Blu-ray Copy v2.0.0

AinSoft Blu-Ray Copy - удобная и простая программа для копирование дисков. Копирование видео Blu-ray и DVD дисков, копирование содержимого на жесткий диск, прожиг (запись) видео на DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W) носители, копирование Blu-Ray DVD с записью на DVD-5 или DVD-9 Dual Layer, выбор файлов для копирования или извлечения.

This convenient and simple Ainsoft Blu-ray Copy can help you copy Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray discs or DVD discs with Blu-ray files format which could only play on BD players. It can not only copy the main movie, but also support copying overall content on Blu-ray disc including BD BonusView, BD Live etc. It not only supported disc-to-disc copy, but also supported backup to Hard disk. Its features are as indicated above.

• Support disc-to-disc burn with faster speed;
• Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray discs, such as to BD-25G, BD-50G;
• Backup Blu-ray movie to Hard disk at 1:1 ratio with lossless;
• Automatically shutdown PC after Blu-ray copying finished;
• Support all popular Blu-ray burners, as SONY, Pioneer, Samsung etc.

Key Features:
Support copy of single CD Burner
If you only have one Blu-ray burner, you can copy the Blu-ray files to Hard disk at 1:1 ratio with the help of AinSofts Blu-ray Copy, then burn the files to target Blu-ray disc from your Hard disc without any loss of quality.

Support disc-to-disc burn
Ainsoft Blu-ray Copy can get you disc to disc burn if you have two Blu-ray burners, and the copy rate is much faster than carrying out a single burner copy.

Other functions
AinSoft Blu-ray Copy support all popular Blu-ray burners. It can not only identify the model of Blu-ray burner automatically, but also automatically analysis and show you remnant space of Hard disc, and it will popup a message if there is not enough space on hard disc. You can use it to backup your Blu-ray movies easily.

Год: 2010
Версия: 2.0.0
Платформа: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лекарство: Присутствует
Размер файла: 6.83 Mb

Rating: 4.7 (84 votes cast)

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