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Музыка R&B TracklistPack 19.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 25.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 26.02.2011

R&B TracklistPack 19.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 25.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 26.02.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 54
Время звучания: 193 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, 320 kbps
Размер: 271,59 mb

1.3On3 - Superman
2.Arty - Show u
3.Blaze - Gameface
4.Bobby Tinsley - End of the world (Prod. by Clubcrushers)
5.Bryan J - She Can Get It (NoShout)
6.Chris Jackson - No More
7.Christopher - The One (Prod. by Stargate)
8.Ciara - Rain (Prod. by Polow Da Don)
9.Claude - Let You Go (Prod. by Soundz)
10.Claude - Other Side Of Love
11.Claude - Underwater
12.Clinton Sparks ft. Diddy - Rockin With The Best
13.Cristyle ft. Rico Love - Im Grown Now (Prod. by Darkchild)
14.DaCapo ft. Suraj Shah - Dont Look Back
15.Danny Fernades - Dont Stop (CDQ)
16.Deon Nathan - Got Me Beat
17.DJ Snake ft. Eva Simons - Pressure in the Club
18.Feloney (Of Public Announcement) - Weekend (Snippet)
19.Jase - XO
20.Jason - Over Now (Prod. by Tricky Stewart)(Snippet)
21.Jaylien - Two14 (Be Mine)
22.Jessie J - Casualty Of Love (CDQ + NoShout)
23.J-Hype - Every Little Thing (Prod. by Stargate & Mental Instruments)
24.Joe Yock - Space Music
25.Jordin Sparks - All Love Is Dyin (Prod. by Polow Da Don)
26.Jordin Sparks - No More (Prod. by Stargate)(Leona Lewis Demo)(Snippet)
27.K.Drew - On Me
28.Kay - My Name is Kay
29.Keshia Chante - Set U Free
30.Kris Thomas - The Hard Way (Prod. by Obrian)
31.Laze & Royal ft Ne-Yo - 3 Way Love
32.Lil Eddie - Bragin Rights (Prod. By Stereotypes) (Snippet)
33.Lu Jerz - By Now
34.Lu Jerz - My Heart Lives
35.M.Rhythm - Take U Out (Prod. By Shmexy Boy)
36.Mann - Dance The Night Away
37.Mario - Hey You (Prod. by Alex James)(Snippet)
38.Olivia - All Or Nothing
39.P Jericho - Wintertime Girl (Prod. By I-Will)
40.Pierre Medor - Unusual Suspect (NoShout)
41.Quinton Storm - Match My Fly
42.Quinton Storm - Never Had It Like This
43.Qwote ft. Pitbull - Throw Your Hands Up
44.Range - Bodyrock (Prod. By Neo Da Matrix)
45.Sam Salter - Love 3000 (NoShout)
46.Sam Salter ft. Lil Wayne - Set It Off Tonight (Prod. By Tha Producerz) (FULL + NoShout)
47.Snoop Dogg ft. Latoya Williams - Cold Game
48.Travis Garland - Fuckin Perfect (Pink Cover)
49.Unique - Drowning
50.Unknown - Girlfriend (Prod. by Mental Instruments)(Mishon Demo)
51.Unknown - Test Me (Full + NoShout)
52.V.A.S. - Star
53.Verse Simmonds ft. Ashlee Chanel - Boo Thang
54.Yobi ft Maino - Painful War

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R&B TracklistPack 19.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 25.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 26.02.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 51
Время звучания: 179 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, 320 kbps
Размер: 263,58 mb

1.Ahmir - Hold It Against Me (Britney Spears Cover) [Mid-Fast RnB] 10/10
2.Antonio ft. Dave - Get Money (Prod. by Studio Production)(Snippet) [Fast] 8.5/10
3.B5 (Audio) - Hey Girl (Usher Cover) [Fast RnB] 9/10
4.Big Sean ft. Chris Brown - My Last [Fast] 9.5/10
5.Blu Suede - The Night Life (Prod. by J. Hot) [Fast RnB] 10/10
6.Ceejay - Down (Snippet) [Fast RnB] 8.5/10
7.Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown - Champion (Final) [Mid-Fast RnB] 10/10
8.Christopher - Keep it Up (Prod. by Blaze the Champ)(FULL+NoShout) [Fast RnB] 9/10
9.Crystal Renee ft. Wale - Crazy [Mid-Fast RnB] 9/10
10.Diddy-Dirty Money - Sir Im Coming Home (Prod. by Alex Da Kid)(1st Version) [Mid RnB] 9/10
11.Fabio Mendes - More than a friend (Prod. by SoundTrek) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
12.G Starr ft. Chrishan - I Just Wanna Luv U [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
13.Jahron B - Drop It Low (Prod By HitBoy) [Mid RnB] 9/10
14.James Fauntleroy - Tear Me Down [Mid RnB] 10/10
15.Jason - Speechless (Prod. Kadis & Sean) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
16.Jernade Miah - Fuck U Right [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
17.Jimmy Burney - Runner Up [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
18.Jre Riley - Slowly [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
19.Katy Perry ft. Kanye West - E.T. (Remix) [Fast RnB] 9/10
20.Kevin Cossom ft. Ace Hood - Picture Phone (Prod. by Bangladesh)(Full + NoShout) [Mid RnB] 9/10
21.L.I.E - Dont Leave Me (Prod. by The Vamp) (Extended Version) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
22.Leo Bre ft. Young Bub - Epic Love (Prod. by Smite) [Mid RnB] 9/10
23.Lloyd - Cupid (Prod. by Polow Da Don) [Fast RnB] 11/10
24.Marsha Ambrosius - Why Did I Fall In Love [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
25.M-Bass - I Love You [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
26.MYXX ft. Rock City - U Aint Ready [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
27.Q Parker (of 112) - Summer Nights (Prod. by Tim & Bob) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
28.Shonie - I Choose You [Fast RnB] 10/10
29.Snoop Dogg ft R. Kelly - Platinum (Prod by Lex Luger) [Fast] 10/10
30.Taio Cruz - Set Your Body Free [Mid-Fast RnB] 10/10
31.The Senate - Where Did We Go [Mid RnB] 9/10
32.Unknown - All Nite [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
33.Unknown - Even More (Prod By Stargate) (Iyaz ft Sean Kingston Demo) [Mid RnB] 10/10
34.nknown - Test Me (Snippet) [Mid] 6/10
36.50 Cent - When I Come Back
37.Alexis Jordan - You Give Up
38.B. Martin ft. Mr More & Quis - I Want Tell (Prod. by JRum)
39.Bueno ft. Lil Eddie - Dat Good (Prod. By The Stereotypes)
40.Dolla Boy ft. Ludacris - Keep It On Da Low
41.G. Allen - What We Waitn (Prod. by B. Cox) (Jennifer Hudson Demo)
42.Kevin Cossom - My Side Of The Story (FULL)
43.Lil Eddie - 5 Star Life (Prod. by Wyshmaster) (FULL + NoShout)
44.LiRi ft. Kharma - Sex Celebration (Prod. By LiRi)
45.Loick Essien - Freakshow (Prod. by Polow Da Don & Written by Lil Eddie)
46.Loick Essien - Where I Went Wrong (FULL + NoShout)
47.Nathan - Champion
48.ONE - Lay It Down (Prod by Danja) (Snippet)
49.Trave - Bartender
50.Varsity - The Right Time
51.Young Buck ft. Ryan Toby - Aint Slept In Days (Prod. by Drumma Boy)- When U Love Someone (Prod. by 40 Degrees) [Slow RnB] 9/10

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R&B TracklistPack 19.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 25.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 26.02.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 58
Время звучания: 215 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, 320 kbps
Размер: 290,75 mb

1.Akon ft. Pitbull & Jermaine Dupri - Boomerang (Prod. By DJ Felli Fel)
2.Ash King - If I Said (NoShout + CDQ)
3.Claude - I Can Upgrade You (Prod. by Polow Da Don)
4.Claude - Lets Go Shoppin
5.Claude - Miss Independent
6.Claude Kelly - My Best Friend
7.David Guetta ft. Rihanna - Whos That Chick (Dj Casino New Version)
8.DJ Rickz - On Top
9.Jae Jin & Elle ft. J. Han - Stand With Me (Prod. by Sky Muzik Ent)
10.James Fauntleroy - Climbing Stairs
11.James Fauntleroy - Look At You Now
12.Jason - Breathe (Snippet)
13.Jason Derulo - Stupid Sayings (Snippet)
14.Jeremih ft. 50 Cent - Down On Me (U-Jay Remix)
15.Jernade Miah - Fuck U Right (FULL + NoShout)
16.Johnta Austin - Take My Love (FULL)
17.Karl Wolf - I Hate You (Prod. by Karl Wolf) (Snippet)
18.Keri Hilson ft. R.Kelly & Claude - Room (Remix)
19.Kevin.D - DJ Turn It Up (Prod By Fuego)
20.Qp Da Kidd - Hatin On Me (Prod. by N-Squad Beatz)
21.Quinton Storm - Faded Memories (NoShout)
22.Rao - I Cant Wait (Prod. By U-Jay)
23.Sean McMillion - Walk It Off (Prod. by Don Vito) (Snippet)
24.Unknown - Stupid Sayings (Jason Derulo Demo) (Snippet)
25.Akon ft. Massiv, Joe Young & Gypsy Stokes - Plenty Mo
26.Bei Maejor - Sexy Lil Sumthin (Prod. by Boi1da)
27.Chrishan - Bitch U Know (Snippet)
28.Claude - Never Know (Prod. by Harvey Mason Jr.)
29.Jackie Boyz - Starship (FULL)
30.James Fauntleroy - Could Be Us
31.James Fauntleroy - Smile
32.Jay Brown ft Rick Mo - Wassup
33.Keri Hilson - Black Cloud (Prod. by Neptunes) (Real FULL + NoShout)
34.Keri Hilson - Captain Song (Prod. by Polow Da Don)
35.Kevin Cossom - All I Wanna Do (Prod. by The Runners) (FULL + NoShout)
36.Ne-Yo - Give Me Everything (Prod. by Afrojack) (FULL + NoShout)
37.Pierre Medor - White Flag
38.Pitbull ft. Lil Jon - Be Alone No (DJ Casino & DJ BeaTMaster Clubmix)
39.R. Kelly - Back To The Way We Are (Prod. by Eric Hudson) (FULL)
40.R. Kelly - One Day On Earth (Original) (Prod. By Mysto & Pizzi)
41.R. Kelly - Taxi Cab (Non Album Version)
42.Sean McMillion - Walk It Off (Prod. By Don Vito)
43.Brandon - Reverse (Prod. by Laze & Royal) (Snippet) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
44.Brian Neal - Im Sorry [Slow-Mid RnB] 10/10
45.Gavyn Rhone - When You Cry (Prod. by Mario Winans)(Other Version) [Mid RnB] 10/10
46.James Fauntleroy - Feel The Rythm Tonight [Mid-Fast RnB] 9/10
47.Jared Cotter - Finding Me [Mid RnB] 9/10
48.Jarvis - Hand Clap (FULL + NoShout) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
49.Jarvis ft Waka Flocka - Coppin T (Final) [Mid RnB] 9/10
50.Jessie J - Who You Are [Slow-Mid RnB] 8.5/10
51.Johnta Austin - Take My Love (Prod. by Stargate)(NoShout) [Mid RnB] 11/10
52.K-Jay - Runaway Love (Stand By Me) (Prod. by Reo) (FULL + NoShout) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
53.Mya ft. Iyaz - Runnin Back [Mid RnB] 10/10
54.Olivia - All Or Nuthin (Prod. by Ryan Leslie) (FULL + NoShout) [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
55.Rico Love - Cant Keep My Hands Off You [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
56.Rueben Cannon - Ouside Your World [Mid RnB] 9/10
57.Unknown - War (Prod. By Harvey Mason) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
58.Untitled - Dont Remember [Mid RnB] 8.5/10

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