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Музыка R&B TracklistPack 27.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 28.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 01.03.2011

R&B TracklistPack 27.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 28.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 01.03.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 62
Время звучания: 221 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, ~240 kbps
Размер: 309,41 mb

1.Auburn ft. Tyga - All About Him (Part 2) [Mid] 8.5/10
2.Claude - Hurt No More [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
3.Claude - Lifeline (Prod. by DJ Frank-E) [Fast RnB] 10/10
4.Claude - Missing You [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
5.Claude - Pit Stop (Prod by DJ Frank-E) [Fast RnB] 8/10
6.Claude - Special Girl [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
7.Claude - Vampire (Prod. by J.R.Rotem) (Jason Derulo Demo) [Fast RnB] 10/10
8.Donnie Klang - Just Us (Prod. by Tha Cornaboyz) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
9.Eva - SuperStar (Prod. by Lu Diaz) [Fast RnB] 10/10
10.Francisco ft. Natasha & Jaon Caesor - Let u go (Dj Soultune Remix) [Club] 11/10
11.J Blue - Bye Bye Bye (Prod. By LOS Da Mystro) [Mid RnB] 11/10
12.Jeremy Greene - Take If Off (Prod. by Soul Diggas) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
13.Kelly Clarkson - Boy Next Door [Mid RnB] 9/10
14.Laze & Royal ft. Myah Marie - Mammals (Prod. by Laze & Royal) [Fast] 9.5/10
15.Lemar - What It Feels Like [Mid RnB] 10/10
16.Lil Eddie - Stand Alone [Mid RnB] 10/10
17.Marcus John Bryant - Back To Love [Mid RnB] 9/10
18.Nathaniel - Cant Let You Go [Mid RnB] 9/10
19.Nathaniel - Let Me In [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
20.Nathaniel - Spiderman [Mid RnB] 9/10
21.Ne-Yo - Me and Mrs. Jones (Live) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
22.Ne-Yo - September (Live) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
23.Ne-Yo - Tears Of A Clown (Live) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
24.RiZ - Marooned (Prod. by JR Rotem) [Mid RnB] 10/10
25.Steven Russel - Comeback [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
26.Unknown - Be Next To You (Prod. by Laze & Royal) [Mid RnB] 9/10
27.Unknown - Lookin At You [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
28.Unknown - Reverse (Prod. by Laze & Royal) (FULL + NoShout) [Mid RnB] 9/10
29.Captain Hooks - Happy Times
30.Dirty Rose - I Miss U So Much
31.Eminem ft. B.O.B. - Things Get Worse (FULL + NoShout)
32.Faydee - Fallin (DJ Osi Remix)
33.Izk Jenkins - Faithful
34.Izk Jenkins - My Girl
35.Jaiden ft. Yummy Bingham - The One
36.Jake Oh - Set Things Off
37.Jizzo ft. OBrian - Leave Me Alone
38.Joe Moses ft. Pitbull & Trina - Okay
39.K. Michellle - How Many Times (Prod. by Sean Garret) (Clean Version)
40.Lypstick - He Wit Me Now (Chris Brown Remix)
41.Lyrical Eye ft. Fedarro & Chris Lee - Salute Me
42.Mann - Dance The Night Away (Original Version)
43.Marque Benedicto - Love Me Real Soon (Prod. Stuart B)
44.MirImage - Fall For Your Type
45.Mohombi - Kings & Queens (Snippet)
46.Mook N Fair ft Ray J - Sidekick
47.Nathaniel - Close Your Eyes
48.Nathaniel - Isolation
49.Nathaniel - Letter to the President
50.Priscilla Renea - Would You Come (Prod. by A-Rex)
51.Que Mosley - Superwoman
52.Raden ft. Sean Brown - Red Box
53.Rico Love - I Choose You
54.T. Plezya - Battle Of Love (Interlude)
55.T-Max - Beautiful (Prod. by DJ Shaw-T) (Only Hook)
56.T-Pain ft. FloRida - Im Dancin (Prod. by Young Fyre)(CDQ)
57.Unknown - Believe In Me Now
58.Unknown - VIP
59.Varsity - End Of Jealousy (Snippet)
60.Vicente Phelan ft. Unknown - Here to Party
61.Vicente Phelan ft. Unknown - Living for Tonight
62.Wacka Flocka ft. Roscoe Dash & Wale - No Hands (Part 2) (Prod. by Mikey Bo)

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R&B TracklistPack 27.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 28.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 01.03.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 54
Время звучания: 192 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, ~240 kbps
Размер: 255,66 mb

1.Anthony Frank - Its Over (Prod. by Reo) (FULL + NoShout)
2.Bei Maejor - The La La Song
3.Bruno Mars - Grenade (Doo-Wop Remix)
4.Chris Echols - Girl Put it On Me (NoShout)
5.Claude Kelly - Time Stood Still (Prod. by Chuck Harmony)
6.Frankie J - Crush (Piano Version)
7.Frankie J - Tears Of A Clown
8.Ginuwine ft. Sam - For a Long Time (Prod. by B.Cox)
9.Izk Jenkins - Faithful
10.James Fauntleroy - Jumper (Prod. by Brian Kennedy) (Mastered)
11.Jason Derulo - Heels On (Prod. by The Neptunes)(Snippet)
12.Jeremy Greene - Take If Off
13.Kaleak - Enough (Prod by Underdogs)
14.Keisha Buchanan - Gimmie Pressure
15.Lemar - What It Feels Like (Prod. by J.R. Rotem)
16.Makadi - My Cup (Mastered)
17.Ne-Yo - Sahara
18.Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything (Tonight)
19.RL (Of Next) - Stay Strong
20.Rob Allen - Dance (Prod. By Stargate) (NoShout)
21.Ryan Hirt - Never Got Over You
22.Talon Haynes - Gravity
23.Timbaland ft. JRoyal Price & JimmyCodean - Hot Mess
24.Unknown - Make A Scene
25.Unknown ft. Lil Wayne & J. Murder - Im Da Bomb (FULL + NoShout)
26.Young Chris ft. Rico Love - Ass
27.Young Dro ft. Chris Brown - Sweat (FULL + Shout)
28.Young Steff - Crank That (Full)
29.Bluu Suede - Give It Up
30.Bobby V - If I Cant Have You (Prod. by Tim & bob)
31.Conor Maynard - Breathe (Prod. by Mental Instruments) (FINAL)
32.Cristyle ft. Ahmad Belvin - Radio
33.DJ Class ft. Fatman Scoop - Get Ya Azz Up
34.Frank Ocean - Lovecrimes
35.Frank Ocean - There Will Be Tears
36.Jason Derulo - Heels On (Prod. by Chad Beatz) (NoShout)
37.Jermaine Paul (Of Focus) - Forgiveness
38.Jessie J - I Need This (Prod. by Oak)
39.Leon Thomas - I Wanna Know (Prod by Darkchild)
40.Logan Chapman - Still Single (Prod. by Maestro)
41.Lost People - Big Booty Bitchez (Prod. by Stargate)
42.Nesh McQueen - Side Show (Prod. by D-Sharp)
43.Solo - Vickies & Heels On (Prod. by DeeMoney & Baeza)
44.Steve O - Push N Go
45.Steven Walters - Here I Go (Prod. by Black Diamond Flava)
46.Uness ft. Atiba - Save Our Love
47.Unknown - Heart To Me (FULL)
48.Unknown - NoWay (Craig David Demo)
49.Untitled - Be With Me (NoShout)
50.Untitled - How Low (Without Ludacris)
51.Untitled - I Know (What makes you feels sexy)
52.Untitled - Nasa
53.Xplicit - Aint Nothing Like Ya (Prod by. The Monsters)
54.Xplicit - Go Ahead and Go (Prod by. The Monsters)

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R&B TracklistPack 27.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 28.02.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 01.03.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Дата резиза: 01.03.2011
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 68
Время звучания: 237 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, 160 - 280 kbps
Размер: 336,55 mb

1.Andre Merritt - Losing (Prod. By Dre & Vidal)
2.August - Say The Word (Prod. by Songbook)(NoShout)
3.August - The Way
4.Brian McFadden - Just the Way You Are
5.Chrishan - Shes My Baby
6.Claude - Disappear
7.Cody B - Stranger
8.Crystal - All The Way (Prod. by J.R. Rotem)
9.D-Ground - Work That
10.Don Jaymor - Im Gone
11.Eric Bellringer - Dream Love (Prod. by Chuck Harmony)
12.J Holiday ft. Vemedy - Whats Your Name (UK Remix)
13.J Randall ft. Akon - All Around The World
14.Jeremy Greene - Just A Phase
15.Jyshoun (Of Metro City) - Take My Ass Home
16.Lil Eddie - Guardian Angel
17.Makio - Bad Girl
18.Mann - Blow Youre Clouds Away (Prod By J.R. Rotem) (Full + NoShout)
19.M-Bass - I Wanna Go
20.M-Bass - Maneater
21.MirImage - Cherish The Night
22.Mischke - Back With Me
23.Nate Evans - Believe
24.Ne-Yo ft. GABE - Dont Wanna Be In Love (Remix)
25.Niles Mason ft. Shawn Desman - Emergency (Prod. by David Guetta)
26.Olivia - Lick, Salt, Shot, Lime
27.Prince Charles - Her (Prod. By Next Selection)
28.R. Kelly - Back To The Way We Were (Dj Tony Remix)
29.Sam Salter - All 2 Me (Prod. By Stargate)
30.Sean Kingston - Bad Girl (Prod. by Soundz)
31.Sean Kingston - Blow Youre Clouds Away (Demo) (Prod By J.R. Rotem) (FULL+ NoShout)
32.Sean Kingston - Party All Night (Remix by Dj Casanova)
33.T. Plezya - Ridiculous
34.Taio Cruz - I Just Wanna Know (Palmbrix Remix)
35.Vemedy ft. Flarez - Your Love
36.Akon - Chasin U (Prod. by Brian Kennedy) (NoShout) [Mid RnB] 10/10
37.Akon - Love Handles (Prod. by David Guetta & Afrojack) (NoShout) [Club] 11/10
38.Belly ft. Vado - Must Be Nice [Mid-Fast] 8.5/10
39.Britney Spears ft. Will.I.Am - The Big Fat Bass (Snippet) [Fast] 9/10
40.Chrishan - Sorry For November [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
41.Corey Latif Williams - Rocket Science [Mid RnB] 10/10
42.Frankie J - Diamonds (Prod. by Avila Brothers) (Full) [Mid RnB] 10/10
43.Git Fresh ft. Cassidy - Think About Me (Final) [Mid RnB] 10/10
44.Hookman - Slow (Get Cool) [Mid RnB] 8/10
45.Ike James ft. Jadakiss - Callin Me (Prod. By Jazze Pha) [Mid RnB] 9/10
46.Jason Derulo - Stupid Sayings (Full) [Mid-Fast RnB] 10/10
47.Johnta Austin - Get My Grown Man On (Prod. by B.Cox) (Snippet) [Mid RnB] 11/10
48.Kevin.D - DJ Turn It Up (Prod By Fuego)(NoShout) [Fast RnB|Club] 9.5/10
49.L2 - You [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
50.Lil Eddie - Hurt People (FULL + NoShout) [Slow-Mid RnB] 11/10
51.Lil Eddie - Sirene (Full) [Mid RnB] 11/10
52.Marcus Skandinavi - Now Its On (Prod. By Taan Newjam) [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
53.Matthew Jared - Cope [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
54.Matthew Jared - Gotta Go [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
55.Matthew Jared - Know Her [Mid RnB] 9/10
56.Miguel - Me oh Me oh My [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
57.One Chance - Cowabunga (Prod. by Young Fyre) [Mid RnB] 10/10
58.Puls - Let It Go (Prod. by BlueSky) [Fast RnB] 10/10
59.Raghav - Fire (Prod. by Jim Beanz) [Fast RnB] 11/10
60.Range - Oh Shawty (Prod By Ryan Leslie) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
61.Range - One In A Million [Fast RnB] 10/10
62.Sarah Connor - With This Song [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
63.Unknown - 4 Letter Word [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
64.Unknown - Finally (Prod. by B.Cox) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
65.Unknown - Like You (Chris Brown Demo)(NoShout) [Mid RnB] 9/10
66.Unknown - Reaction (Play With U)(Prod. by Darkchild) (Snippet) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
67.V8 ft. D-Boy - I Miss U [Mid RnB] 9/10
68.Willow Smith - 21st Century Girl (Full) [Fast RnB] 8.5/10

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