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Музыка R&B TracklistPack 02.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 03.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 05.03.2011

R&B TracklistPack 02.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 03.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 05.03.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Дата резиза: 02.03.2011
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 61
Время звучания: 213 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, | ~180 - 320 kbps
Размер: 348,82 mb

1.2DFRNT - Kill You On The Radio [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
2.Akon ft. Jadakiss - Freaky (NoShout) [Fast RnB] 11/10
3.Amalie Szigethy - I Want To Be With You (Prod. by Sean Garrett) [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
4.Andre ft. Tags - Lights [Mid-Fast RnB] 9/10
5.Anne Marie Bush - Feel U (Radio Edit) [Mid-Fast] 9/10
6.Bobby V - Hummin (Snippet) [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
7.Brandy - Not Gon Make Me Cry (Prod. by B.Cox)(LQ) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
8.Brandy - You Got That (Prod. by B.Cox)(LQ) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
9.Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (FULL) [Fast|Club] 10/10
10.Cannon - Love 2 Life [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
11.Claude - You (Prod. by Ambassadorz) [Mid RnB] 10/10
12.Elliott - Without You (Prod. by Dontae Dynamite) [Mid RnB] 9/10
13.Faraz - Robot (Prod. by Daniel Rothmann) (FULL + NoShout) [Fast|Club] 10/10
14.Git Fresh - Whip My Dreads [Fast] 9.5/10
15.Hookman - Slow (Get Cool) (NoShout) [Mid RnB] 9/10
16.Jacki-O ft. Daron Jones (Of 112) - Gettin It [Mid] 8.5/10
17.James Bellamy - I Love Me Some You [Mid RnB] 9.5/10
18.Jason Derulo - In My Head (G&J Mix) [Fast RnB] 10/10
19.Johann (of JEBeatz) - Backpack (Prod. By Jebeatz) [Mid RnB] 10/10
20.Johann (of JEBeatz) - Cant Talk Me Down (Prod. By Jebeatz) [Mid RnB] 9/10
21.Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - Motivation (Prod. by Jim Jonsin) (NoShout) [Mid] 10/10
22.Keshia Chante - Table Dancer (McCallaman Remix) [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
23.Kid Ink - Lowkey Poppin (Prod. By The Runners) [Mid] 8.5/10
24.Kiyene - Rollercoaster [Mid RnB] 8/10
25.London - Push Up On It (Prod. Shonuff) [Mid RnB] 9/10
26.Lu Jerzey - Key To My Heart [Mid RnB] 9/10
27.Lu Jerzey - Leave It For Tomorrow [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
28.Melisa - Clap Your Hands (Prod. by CornaBoyz) (Full) [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
29.Michelle - I Hate You (No Good For Me) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9.5/10
30.MirImage - Backseat Lovin [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
31.MirImage - Freaky Friday [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
32.MistahTmg - Here For You [Mid RnB] 9/10
33.Mohombi - Do Me Right (Prod. by RedOne) [Mid-Fast RnB] 11/10
34.Mohombi - Love In America (Prod. by RedOne) [Mid RnB] 11/10
35.Mohombi - Lovin (Prod. by RedOne) [Mid-Fast RnB] 10/10
36.Mohombi - Match Made In Heaven [Slow-Mid RnB] 10/10
37.Mohombi - Say Jambo [Fast RnB] 10/10
38.Montell Jordan ft. Fatman Scoop - Stir It Up (Prod. By Mister Drone) [Fast RnB] 11/10
39.Mr. Johnson - Please Dont Go (FULL + NoShout) [Mid RnB] 9/10
40.Ms Christyy - Famous [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
41.Nexx Chapter ft. Anna - Cant Back Down (Prod. By RockItPro) [Mid] 8/10
42.ONE - The Way To Love (Prod. by Stereotypes) [Mid RnB] 10/10
43.Priscilla - Better Than My Boyfriend [Fast RnB] 9.5/10
44.Priscilla - Keep it On A Low (Prod. by KZ) [Mid RnB] 9/10
45.R. Kelly ft. Keri Hilson - Number One (Dj-Casanova Remix) [Mid RnB] 9/10
46.Rico Love - Forever (Lives In Me) (Prod by Jim Jonsin) [Mid] 9.5/10
47.Rico Love - Hey There Love (Prod. by DJ Snake) [Fast RnB] 10/10
48.Rico Love - Hey There Love (Prod. by Logan De Gaulle) (Other Version) [Club] 11/10
49.T. Plezya ft. G4 Boyz & Boogz Boogetz - Amazing [Mid RnB] 8.5/10
50.Tay West ft. Haviah Mighty - Tonight Is Your Night [Mid-Fast RnB] 9/10
51.The Writing Camp - Dont Make it Hard For Me (Prod. by Underdogs) [Mid RnB] 10/10
52.Timbaland ft. Bran Nu - Whenever You Like [Mid RnB] 10/10
53.T-Pain - Take Your Shirt Off (Remix Dj Alidin) [Mid] 8.5/10
54.Tre The RnB Kidd - Change Your Life (Prod. By Young Bishop) [Mid RnB] 9/10
55.Uness - Underworld [Fast RnB] 10/10
56.Unknown - Closer Together (FULL + NoShout) [Slow-Mid RnB] 9.5/10
57.Unknown - Free Falling [Mid RnB] 9/10
58.Unknown - Hush [Mid RnB] 9/10
59.Unknown - With Or With Out You (Prod. by JR.Rotem) (Jojo Demo) (NoShout) [Mid RnB] 10/10
60.V.A.S.- Shapes In The Air (Prod. By V.A.S.) [Mid-Fast RnB] 9/10
61.Yung Berg - Always Be My Girl [Mid RnB] 8.5/10

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R&B TracklistPack 02.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 03.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 05.03.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 39
Время звучания: 138 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, ~180 - 320 kbps
Размер: 211,24 mb

1.Akon ft. Pitbull & Jermaine Dupri - Boomerang (Prod. By DJ Felli Fel) (NoShout)
2.Anne Marie Bush - Feel U (Club Radio edit)
3.ATG - So Hot (Prod. By T-Nyce)
4.BDon - Boomerang (Prod. by DjAdvance)
5.BDon - Drama Town (Prod. by DjAdvance)
6.Bruno Mars - Grenade (DJ RC Remix)
7.Chris Brown ft Wiz Khalifa - Bomb
8.Christopher - Better Get Up
9.Claude - She Looks So Good
10.Fabolous ft. R. Kelly & Busta Rhymes & Fat Joe - The Money
11.Gyptian ft. Stein - Take You For A Ride
12.In-Joy - B.O.O.M. (Prod. by Soulshock & Karlin)
13.Jason derulo - In My Head (G&J remix )
14.Jizzo - Be With Me
15.Karma - I'm Sorry
16.Ke$ha - Fuck Him He's A DJ (Final Version)
17.Kelly Rowland - Take It All (Prod. by Oak)
18.LIL G ft. Shawn - Money On My Mind (Prod. by Damjay Beats)
19.Loick Essien - Im Afraid
20.Lokz ft. Emerson Brooks & Luu Breeze - 24 Hours To Love You
21.Madcon - Throw Me To The Wind
22.Marvel - Tonight
23.M-Bass ft. Kharmony Fortune - Dont Go
24.Mumzy Stranger - Mama Used to Say (Snipped)
25.Nexx Chapter - You Already Had Me (Prod. By Ansane)
26.Ryan Leslie - Breathe (LQ)
27.Sir Tazz - Get Money
28.Snoop Dogg ft. T-Pain - Boom
29.Staz ft. John Michael - Waisted Tonight
30.The Hit League - Take Me Away
31.Tre The RnB Kidd - Mix In My Cup (Prod. By Johnny Juliano)
32.Tre The RnB Kidd ft. Breasha Turner - Hey Girl (Prod. By Young Bishop)
33.Trey Songz - When I See You (Prod. by Songbook)
34.Unknown - All In
35.Unknown - Dear Love
36.Unknown - Get Me (Prod. by DJ Frank-E)
37.Untitled ft. Kardinal Offishal - Island Girl (Prod. By Don Cannon)
38.YC ft. Future & Untitled - Racks
39.Yung Berg - Leave This Club

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R&B TracklistPack 02.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 03.03.2011 + R&B TracklistPack 05.03.2011

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: TracklistPack
Год выпуска: 2011
Жанр: R&B
Количество композиций: 51
Время звучания: 184 min
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 44 kHz, 320 kbps
Размер: 269,18 mb

1.Bei Maejor - I Wish (Carl Thomas Cover)
2.Brian Nyce - Side Effects (Prod. by Midi Mafia) (Snippet)
3.Carlyle ft. Billy Blue - Iz You (Prod. by IMMG) (FINAL + CDQ)
4.Carlyle ft. Jay & Nino - System Takeover (Prod. by Oddz.N.Endz) (FINAL + CDQ)
5.CD - SuperStar
6.Charles Reed - Life In The Lights
7.Claude - Turn For The Worst (NoShout)
8.Davion Farris - Waiting to Exhale
9.Jyant (of Metro City) - Im Attached (NoShout)
10.Kevin Cossom - Get It (NoShout)
11.Krys Ivory - Book Of Love
12.Luke Boyd (of Luke & Q) - All for (Your Heart)
13.Mohombi - Waiting 4 Love (Prod. by RedOne) (Snippet)
14.Rico Love - Right Here (Prod. by Boi1da)
15.Shawn Desman - I Promise Tears
16.Steve - Unbreakable (Prod. by Laze & Royal)
17.Terence (aka Lei McQueen) - Postcards (Prod. by T-Town)
18.Travis Garland (of NLT) - Intermission (Prod. By Aaron Pearce)
19.Travis Garland (of NLT) - Nightmare (Anonymous) (Prod. By Tony Dixon)
20.Travis Garland (of NLT) - Second Try
21.Travis Garland (of NLT) - Skip The Details
22.Untitled - Sleeping With The Enemy (NoShout)
23.2XL - Mash Potatoes (Twist Ya Feet)
24.Anthony Frank - Let It Go
25.August - I Will Never Know
26.Bobby Valentino - Valentine
27.Brandy - Im Right Here (Stargate Rmx)
28.CJ ft. Tank - My Love (Snippet)
29.Corey Latif Williams - Rocket Science (NoShout)
30.Frankie Storm - Inside Job (Produced by Laze & Royal)
31.J. Hart - What If (Prod. by Harvey Mason) (FULL + NoShout)
32.J Randall ft. T-Pain - Cant Sleep (Full + NoShout)
33.Julius Francis ft. Tiesto & Lillian & Chris Brown - Roller Coaster of Life
34.K. Drew - I Love Ya (Full)
35.LeMarvin - Sorry Now (Snippet)
36.Lil Eddie ft. Amerie - Guardian Angel (FINAL)
37.Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne - I Miss That Pussy
38.Lu Jerz - Arch Ya Back ft. GH
39.Lu Jerz - Be Still
40.Lu Jerz - Sick & Tired
41.Makio - Open (Prod by SureFire Music Group)
42.Michael - Follow Your Dreams
43.Michael Warren - Fast Forward (Prod. by Soulshock & Karlin)
44.Mischke - Say My Name (Prod. & Written by Mischke)(Snippet)
45.Miss Issa - Galaxy
46.Mr.Johnson - Please Dont Go (Prod. by Maddscientist)
47.Mr.Johnson - Please Dont Go (Prod. by Maddscientist)(FULL)
48.Nelson - Breathless (AcousticPiano Version)
49.Range - One In A Million
50.Range - Shawty (Prod. by Ryan Leslie)
51.Ryan Toby - Let It All Out (NoShout)

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