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ДевочкиAnika Shay - Undercover Bikini (2015/HD)

Anika Shay - Undercover Bikini (2015/HD)

Anika Shay is back and better than ever in this incredible set from producer Cassandra Keyes. Washed up on the shores of Bali, Anika wears little more than a neoprene top and panties. Her mind may say ‘go swimming’, but if you ask us, her body says ‘get naked’. “I loved this shoot,” says Anika emphatically. “We shot at Bingham Beach. I wore a wetsuit, rolled around in the sand and it all stuck to my wet skin.” A veteran on Playboy Plus, Anika knows just what you want, and she’s more than ready to deliver. She draws inspiration from her real-life interests and uses everything to her advantage. “I’m studying to be a yoga instructor,” says Anika, who’s able to twist herself into any number of interesting positions. “I know how to pose in ways that accentuate my butt and boobs!” Things always look better with Anika Shay, right here on Playboy Plus.

ДевочкиEmma Glover - Stroke Of Genius (2014/FullHD)

Emma Glover - Stroke Of Genius (2014/FullHD)

ДевочкиStefanie Knight - Heating Up (2014/FullHD)

Stefanie Knight - Heating Up (2014/FullHD)

ДевочкиZoi - Afternoon Flare (2014/FullHD)

Zoi - Afternoon Flare (2014/FullHD)

ДевочкиBritt Linn - Directors Choice (2014/FullHD)

Britt Linn - Directors Choice (2014/FullHD)

ДевочкиChristine Carter - Fresh Beauty (2014/FullHD)

Christine Carter - Fresh Beauty (2014/FullHD)

ДевочкиVictoria Marquez - Ecstasy with Victoria Marquez (2013/HD)

Victoria Marquez - Ecstasy with Victoria Marquez (2013/HD)

ДевочкиCassie Laine - Pink Dynasty (2013/FullHD)

Cassie Laine - Pink Dynasty (2013/FullHD)

ДевочкиAlyssa Arce - Behind the Scenes with Miss July 2013 (2013/FullHD)

Alyssa Arce - Behind the Scenes with Miss July 2013 (2013/FullHD)

ДевочкиKimberly Kisselovich - Luxurious Grind (2013/FullHD)

Kimberly Kisselovich - Luxurious Grind (2013/FullHD)
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